How to start

Strangely I never really find it hard to start a story. I don’t get that feeling of staring at a blank page and not knowing how to start. Usually when I start a project I am hugely inspired and I can write the initial stages really fast.

The problem I have is later in the story. As the plot draws on I find my speed of writing decreases and I get very bogged down in trying to get the details right. Often I have to read back through my earlier chapters to check if I did something yet or not. At times I can stare at the screen knowing what I want to write but not sure on the exact words to use, then I end up on facebook.

I find when writer block hits I need to move away from the computer and just let the scene run through my head. The best places for me to think is at work, before I go to sleep and driving in my car, though it can be hard to make notes at those times.



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