You have been warned

I first noticed this while writing the first draft and then again while editing. Coffee, Cats and Murder makes me want to drink coffee, lots of coffee. The characters always seem to be drinking or thinking about coffee and I can’t help but join them.

My 3 editors are non-coffee drinkers so I’m wondering if it is just me or will other people be compelled to drink coffee once they read it.




So after completing the first draft of my story I decided I would go off coffee for a month to try and balance out my extreme caffeine intake. I did not succeed in avoiding coffee the whole time (only a few relapses).

But my fasting is over and I can drink coffee once again and oh how I have missed coffee.


They can’t all be wrong

One of the things that has amused me during the editing process is when 2 or more of my editors gave me the exact same feedback. I have been taking pretty much all their feedback on board so far, but when I all point out that something is lacking here I make an extra effort to correct my mistakes.

PS- Super huge thanks to my editing team. This story wouldn’t be the same without you.


Editing Update

I have been steadily editing Coffee, Cats and Murder and the feedback I have received is great, which is not to say my story is without fault. There is a lot I need to fix or explain better and extra scenes I need to add, but I am actually enjoying the process.

It’s been a while since writing the beginning of the story and now I get the chance to relive it all again.

Editing stats:

4 out of 16 chapters complete.

0 punches for not completing deadlines.



So I find I am more motivated if I make and announced my own deadlines. And so for my editing I shall do the same. I ¬†aim to edit at least 2 chapters each week (hopefully more but let’s start low and bump it up if I need to).

If I fail to do so I will be punched by my lovely friend. The challenge is set. Will I make it through without being punched?

Probably not.


Let the Editing Begin

I have now received 2 sets of feedback from friends and though they are very positive about the overall concept and certain aspects of the story I have some polish to apply before I am ready for the second round of editing.

One feature of Word that I am loving is the compare function. I have never had a reason to use it before today and I am in love with it!!

A sneak preview. If you squint your eyes and tilt your head you can almost tell they are words.


Lacking Coffee

Since completing my first draft last week I have been avoiding coffee and so far I have succeeded, but it’s been a rough ride. My brain has been craving coffee daily. I am trying to keep it a bay with tea instead but the cravings are still there. I hope I can break my addiction soon and get back to normal.