They can’t all be wrong

One of the things that has amused me during the editing process is when 2 or more of my editors gave me the exact same feedback. I have been taking pretty much all their feedback on board so far, but when I all point out that something is lacking here I make an extra effort to correct my mistakes.

PS- Super huge thanks to my editing team. This story wouldn’t be the same without you.



2 thoughts on “They can’t all be wrong

  1. It’s hard to take feedback sometimes, especially when they might not respond well to a particular part you enjoyed writing. However, good feedback transforms your story and makes it something it, like you said, could not be without the critique.

    • I think I have been lucky so far with the feedback, but I am only 4 chapters in. There will probably be moments later when I don’t exactly agree will their feedback but I shall try to take it all in.

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