Wounded in the line of duty.

To complete the editing process I am working from both digital and physical copies. Today while straightening one of the paper copies I suffered a grievous wound, a paper cut.

I hate that such a small cut can hurt so much. It robs me of the sympathy I rightly deserve.



Working With Magic

When creating a world with its own form of magic the key is in the details. Knowing how the magic works, can anyone learn the magic, is it passed from person to person or are people born with it. What is societies view of magic? And all good magic should have some downside or a flaw.

After my first draft I had most of these details but I have been refining them. I have a much clearer process for how the magic is cast and now I am just nutting out some of the physical implications.

One decision would work well will the current sequence of events but I’m not sure if the method it right with the magic. The other method feels better with the magic and requires I reasonable rewrite.

I still have a few things to work though before I decide, but I have to do it quickly as I’m still playing catch up after last weeks deadline failure.


Editing Update

Pending Failure

I am 4 hours away from failing this weeks deadline. I started off well, completing most of the first chapter. I had set aside most of yesterday to finish the rest but a series of tension headaches ruined my plans. Did get a major nap session.

Hopefully I can catch it up next week and get back on schedule.

Editing stats:

10.5 out of 16 chapters complete.

1 punch for not completing deadlines.


This week in editing world…

So as the week starts to draw to a close it’s time to begin editing this week 2 chapters. This week the main focus for editing so far seems to been re-working sections of dialogue. Changing some of the interactions and going into a bit more detail.Trying to be sure that my concepts and perspective are clearly conveyed to the reader.

Also at this point I am finding some contradictions with things I wrote earlier, so I am back tracking a little bit to fix those issues.


Bonus Scenes

So one thing I found while writing Coffee, Cats and Murder is that I got so caught up following every move that Drake and Mara made that I skipped other background story lines. I knew these things were happening and they did impact the main story, but while I was writing it felt I was breaking the flow to actually write them in.

I have demanding main characters, but considering they are based off my cats it kind of makes sense.

The good thing about editing is that I can see where these scenes now belong and I am adding them back in.


A little bit of inspiration

Reading is like a gateway drug that leads some to the destructive lifestyle of writing. Almost every book I have ever read has impacted me and my writing in someway.

As a teacher though I have seen first hand that the ability for creative writing in children seems to be dwindling. The amount of times I have been given an awkward recount of a movie or a game. It’s kind of a worry.


This is a great list of books that can give that important spark of creativity. This is directed at teens, but in my opinion a good book, is a good book. Regardless of its target age.

Plus I always like getting recommendations of new books I should read.


Not enough hours in the day

It feels like the week has only just began and yet all too soon it is almost at an end. It is lucky that I got an early start on this weeks editing as I have not even looked at it since.

I will still met the deadline, but it always seems like it is a rush at the end. But I suppose that is how I always completed assignments at high school and University.

It is the stress of a looming deadline that motivates me to act.