Very Little Writing Happening

Today I spilled coffee on my shirt. Now I smell coffee everywhere I go. Makes me really want to drink coffee.

That is all.

Writing progress this week- None, and will be travelling during the school holidays so it will be a bit quiet here for a while.



Growth of Editing

In the recent chapter I have been editing, the re-write of one particular section has turned 100 words into almost 800 words.

I find, at times, during the editing process that I can slow down a scene, take more time with it and as a result more details become clear to me. I hope that this will in turn make a better story.

creative-writing (1)

When life gets in the way

This time of year becomes very busy for me at work and so I am finding I have little spare time to write. And when I do sit down to write my brain is still usually thinking about work problems. So not very productive.

I will endeavor to make sure I am writing each week, even if I can’t finish a whole chapter. But that day will not be today. *sigh*


Editing Process Reflections

So I am over half way through the editing process. In the beginning I found it a rather easy process. It was mostly just expanding and clarifying scenes. Probably the hardest part was adding and rewriting a few descriptions.

But in the last few chapters I have made 2 major changes to the plot progression and that means a lot of rewrites. This does slow down the process and I find myself having to pause and allow my brain time to re-imagine the scene.

Overall I’m feeling really positive about how the edit is going. I’ve made changes that I think really add depth and improve the plot.


Unexpected Absence

Sorry for the sudden absence, my home internet disappeared last week and after several calls to Telstra finally figured out that my modem died. I have today received a shiny new modem and internet is up and running. Yay.

I thought that without access to internet that I would achieve more. No Facebook to distract me. But the truth is without internet I don’t spend as much time on my computer. I have been playing a lot of Spider Solitaire and Minesweeper though.

I am still on track for this weeks editing goal, completing chapters 13 and 14.


Seasonality of Writing

Here in Australia it has just hit Winter and it is getting cold fast. Only 2 days in and the snow is already falling. And this is having an impact on my writing. When it is cold I don’t spend as much time on the computer, it’s too far from the heater. My fingers sometimes get too cold to type.

All of this leads to very unproductive editing.