Editing Process Reflections

So I am over half way through the editing process. In the beginning I found it a rather easy process. It was mostly just expanding and clarifying scenes. Probably the hardest part was adding and rewriting a few descriptions.

But in the last few chapters I have made 2 major changes to the plot progression and that means a lot of rewrites. This does slow down the process and I find myself having to pause and allow my brain time to re-imagine the scene.

Overall I’m feeling really positive about how the edit is going. I’ve made changes that I think really add depth and improve the plot.



2 thoughts on “Editing Process Reflections

  1. In my last edit I had to restructure my first couple of chapters because I killed off an intro that just wasn’t working with the story any more. I think it makes for a stronger story, but it was grueling at the time. Here’s to hoping your story is all you hope it should be.

    • Yeah I had to alter a few characters in the early chapters because they no longer match up with the characters them became.

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