Growth of Editing

In the recent chapter I have been editing, the re-write of one particular section has turned 100 words into almost 800 words.

I find, at times, during the editing process that I can slow down a scene, take more time with it and as a result more details become clear to me. I hope that this will in turn make a better story.

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4 thoughts on “Growth of Editing

    • Thank you and good luck with your writing. It can be an emotional roller coaster but all the high moments make up for those moments of doubt.

      • Indeed. I intended to finish at a certain date, but I realized I was approaching this with a deleterious mindset. I’ve chosen to sit and write when creativity flows the freest (when I manage to wake up early in the morning, which isn’t so often now). Trying to force it by a certain deadline doesn’t exactly work, and even if it takes another year, I’m learning that this will be worth it, somehow.

        Best of luck with your endeavor!

  1. I’ve experienced the same thing–that I am able to slow a scene down by delving a little deeper. I’ve seen an increase in words as well. I’m sure that this will make your story better as it adds depth to your story.

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