Back in the flow

Over the past couple days I have been struggling to get back into my writing. I would spend a few hours staring at the screen writing a little bit. But it was a battle.

Last night though, just as I was about to drift off to sleep a flash of inspiration hit me. The up side is that I have regained my flow and words are coming. The down side is that I am really sleepy. The kind of sleepy that no amount of coffee can fix. (Trust me I have tried. I am both super tired and amped at the same time. It’s not good.)



Unexpected Absence

Sorry for such a long absence. After a fantastic holiday in Western Australia my life went to hell, several times. Writing has been impossible unless I wanted to write teen angst.

But things have just about settled and I will try to resume my editing schedule.

Now I just need to pick up the same vibe I had before the break.


Fatal Inspriation

I am currently on holidays travelling around Western Australia. This means I have long hours of driving with nothing to do but watch the scenery. That and daydream about new characters and story ideas.


I have been trying very hard to not allow myself to be distracted by other ideas while working on Coffee, Cats and Murder. In the past my lack of focus is one of the main reasons I end a project part way through (also terrible writers block). But while driving, mostly on the first day, I have created a whole storyline from start to finish. And I expect that while driving today I will continue to refine and play with this new world.

Sigh. I promise that I will focus on Coffee, Cats and Murder once I return… and maybe try to write this one on the side.