Fatal Inspriation

I am currently on holidays travelling around Western Australia. This means I have long hours of driving with nothing to do but watch the scenery. That and daydream about new characters and story ideas.


I have been trying very hard to not allow myself to be distracted by other ideas while working on Coffee, Cats and Murder. In the past my lack of focus is one of the main reasons I end a project part way through (also terrible writers block). But while driving, mostly on the first day, I have created a whole storyline from start to finish. And I expect that while driving today I will continue to refine and play with this new world.

Sigh. I promise that I will focus on Coffee, Cats and Murder once I return… and maybe try to write this one on the side.



One thought on “Fatal Inspriation

  1. I’ve given up on trying to not let other stories invade my focus. It’s hurt me in the past, but mostly because I kept trying to quiet them. (The other ideas). Once I said they could play in my mind, I’ve had better focus. I’ll write the new ideas down to save them, but then my mind is free to focus on my WIP at hand.

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