Cover Art

Cover art is something I think about quite a lot. I know that when I pick up an unknown book the cover art is one of the main selling points. It has lead me astray many a time, but I am a sucker for a pretty cover.

So I spend a lot of time thinking about how the cover for Coffee, Cats and Murder should look. Something that is appealing and can visually convey the essence of my story.

But I think I have found the inspiration.



Vocab Clash

I don’t know whether to call this a typo or not, but I just realised that one of my characters used an idiom that he shouldn’t know. How does one describe something as a “smoking gun” when they do not know what a gun is.

Oops, guess I will have to fix that.


A change of mind

The focus of my chapter edit this week has revolved aroundt changing a main plot point based off the feedback I received. One of my editors didn’t really like how the part played out and so I planned to change it. But after spending all week pondering how to do it differently and still achieve the outcome I want, I changed my mind again.

I just couldn’t see another way to get through the scene.

So my plan is to try and fix the problems will the existing plot point and hope that my editor likes it more this time around.


Sprint to the end

I am so excited!! I managed to edit 2 chapters this week and added in a fun new scene to boot. Yay.

All I have left to do now is chapter 16 and the epilogue. Chapter 16 is one of the longest I wrote and I will probably split it in 2 and then there is all the new content to write. Only 9 pages left, but I think I still have a few weeks of editing ahead of me.

So near, and yet still so far. But at least the end is in sight.

Forgetting the Details

I am so very thankful to my friends and family who helped edit Coffee, Cats and Murder. They have provided me with so much support and constructive feedback and have played a large part in helping to make this story what it has become.

But just as important, is how they manage to pick up on the small mistakes and inconsistency, like changing eye colour or disappearing ropes.

Thank you for finding the mistakes of this forgetful mind.

Losing Brain Function

Approaching the End

With my recent sprint at editing I have realised that I will soon finish this second draft and to be honest it makes me a little nervous.

Overall this editing process has been a really positive experience and I think that my story has improved a whole lot!! But still there is a feeling of anxiety when you ask people to judge you and your creation. Please be gentle.

But at the same time I am really excited to get more feedback to help me make this story even better.

Conflicting emotions!!

I just hope my editors like the changes as much as I do.



I am starting to suspect that my new brand of coffee pods have a higher caffeine content. I am only having my usual 2 cups of coffee a day and it is making me jittery and giving me the shakes.

Hopefully I will build a tolerance of will have to lower my daily intake and I find it hard enough only drinking 2 cups.



One of the main problems I am finding after my lengthy and unexpected break is remembering what new content I have added so far. I am having to scroll back through chapters to find out if I have written it or need to write it in now.

Otherwise I run the risk of repeating myself of referencing a conversation that never happened.