First Edit is Almost Complete

I have now finished all the revisions and suggestions given to me by my editors and am now going through the process of checking my work for any major errors and continuity holes before sending out to them again.

I have taken on board almost all the suggestions they have given me and others I have tried to fix and tweak parts to make them work. One bit of feedback I received last time is that I did not do a quick edit myself before giving it to them. I have some bad habits when writing, I leave out small words, suffixes and for a few paragraphs I kept writing to instead of the.

The problems that arise when your brain thinks faster than your fingers can type.

So here I am checking over my writing, which is hard as I read over the errors and mentally insert corrections without realising it.



Long Goodbyes

When I was completing the first draft of Coffee, Cats and Murder I was so excited about reaching the end that I rushed through it and you can feel that in my writing. Now that I am revising the final chapters I have added so many extra scenes and content. It’s almost doubled in size.

But I feel that this was a necessary process. If I had tried to write all this detail the first time round I would have gotten so bogged down in it that would have affected my flow and direction. Now that I have the outline, it is much easier to just fill in the blanks and refine the details.

I only have one more new scene to write and then my first edit is complete. *happy dance*


When I write.

I can’t stand to write in silence. Peace and quiet are really not conducive to my creative process. Even when I was at University I could not study in silence and so I have to create noise. Sometimes I will put on a TV series that I have seen many times before, but I can end up getting distracted by that too.

So my favourite thing is to play music and my favourite person to queue up is Lindsey Stirling. I find her music very uplifting and the lack of lyrics means I don’t have other words playing in head while I try to write my own.

Though my rhythm gets a bit messed up by those awful YouTube ads.


Progress Update

I have just finished editing chapter 17 and now all that is left is to complete the epilogue!! I am so close now to the end I can almost smell it… and it smells like too much coffee.

The last couples days I have been exceed my self-imposed limit of 2 coffees per day, but at least it is not as bad as my coffee intake when I finished the first draft.

Once the epilogue is done I will be doing a quick self-edit, checking for simple grammar, spelling and continuity mistakes and then it is off to my friends who are kind enough to edit it for me. This time I am planning to send it to a few more people to get a wider range of opinions.

After I completed the first draft I actually skipped over the self edit stage. I was excited to be finished, but was paranoid that if I read over it first I would doubt myself too much to let others read it. Even though my editors were close friends and family, I was still very nervous when I gave them a copy.

I am feeling a little more confident this time round, but I think I will still be on edge until I get their feedback.


The easy way out

Sometimes when I am browsing the shelves at a book store I have a depressing thought.

“Rather than trying to write an original story full of tension, intrigue and dark humour, I should instead just write teen romance/drama with Vampires, or werewolves, or whatever monster is trending.”

But I don’t think I could make it past the first chapter before my inner muse died.


How time flies

Ugh, when you suddenly realise that you didn’t make any progress editing last week. I don’t know where all my time went but it was not spent editing the last 2 chapters.

I found this happen when I was nearing the end of writing my first draft. Even though the end was so near, the anxiety of actually completing it and giving it to others to read kind of slowed me down.

I shall try for this week to catch up and get it finished. *screams internally*