The good and the bad

While waiting on my last few editors I have started flicking through some of my edited copies and there is something that makes me smile. One of my editors not only provides feedback, which she can be brutally honest with, but she also leaves funny and positive comments throughout as well. I find it really helps to combat the self-doubt that always creeps in during this process. A confirmation that at least some of what I write is good.




While not writing

So I am still playing the waiting game while I wait for my editors to finish up. During this down time I don’t want to start a new writing project because it will be too distracting when I return to Coffee, Cats and Murder.

Instead I have picked up my pencils and started drawing again. It’s been a while and it feels good to be drawing again. Though I am a bit rusty. And in an attempt to keep my focus of Coffee, Cats and Murder I am drawing pictures of some of the characters.

A sample of Mara, naturally she is drinking coffee.


Gearing up to start the 3rd draft.

I have received one of the edited copies from my group of editors and soon the others will be arriving. My hope for this edit is that a lot less major re-writes will be needed. A few continuity issues and maybe some parts that have to be explained more, or better, but overall it will hopefully be getting closer to a story I can feel confident to publish.

I haven’t had a chance to look over the edit in detail and I probably won’t until I have all the copies together but the general feedback is positive. This editor was happy with the new scenes and characters I added and overall thinks it is a great improvement from the first draft (yay). Her main complaint had to do with the lead up to the conclusion, but I was expecting it. She wasn’t a fan of this part the first time around. I did try to fix and expand it to make it work, though it seems it still fell short.

After talking it through with her we came up with a plan to change and re-write this part and I have to say, I like the new direction. It feels less contrived and forced and draws in another element of the story rather neatly.

I’ll admit, I’m getthing¬†excited to begin this next stage.


Rest Time

Sometimes a break is necessary to maintain your creativity and your sanity.

I spent today relaxing under a Jacaranda Tree with friends, drinking tea and wearing a Yukata. Soon my editors will be finished and I will have to resume the crazy world that is creative writing.

But today is not that day.