Gearing up to start the 3rd draft.

I have received one of the edited copies from my group of editors and soon the others will be arriving. My hope for this edit is that a lot less major re-writes will be needed. A few continuity issues and maybe some parts that have to be explained more, or better, but overall it will hopefully be getting closer to a story I can feel confident to publish.

I haven’t had a chance to look over the edit in detail and I probably won’t until I have all the copies together but the general feedback is positive. This editor was happy with the new scenes and characters I added and overall thinks it is a great improvement from the first draft (yay). Her main complaint had to do with the lead up to the conclusion, but I was expecting it. She wasn’t a fan of this part the first time around. I did try to fix and expand it to make it work, though it seems it still fell short.

After talking it through with her we came up with a plan to change and re-write this part and I have to say, I like the new direction. It feels less contrived and forced and draws in another element of the story rather neatly.

I’ll admit, I’m getthing excited to begin this next stage.



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