Character Building

I have been a bit busy during the holidays season so I have not had a lot of time to edit. But I have been thinking about my characters a great deal and I suddenly realised that one of my main characters did not have a complete backstory. Oops

Naturally this revelation came one night just as I was falling asleep and I could not sleep until I had sorted all the details.

Having characters with a detailed history makes them more real and gives the story a greater sense of depth.





Someone knew just what to get me this holiday season. A brand new, colourful coffee mug. Squee!!

It’s so pretty. I better put it to good use, make some coffee and get back to editing… Maybe tomorrow.


Editing Blues

This second round of editing has been a very different experience from the first. The first round of editing had lots of points to fix and a large amount of content that needed expanding.

This time around I have been blitzing through chapters because only small tweaks have been required. It’s a good feeling to know that all that time spent during the first edit has resulted in a better story.

But now with only 10 pages left to go I have hit the section that will require the biggest re-write. One of my editors did not like this section last time either. I did try to alter it to make it work, but alas, she still hates it.

Yes, hates it. She has very strong opinions when it comes to books and sometimes she makes me die a little inside. (I think it is revenge for having to put up with being friends with me all these years.)

So after much reflection we came up with a plan to change this part. I only hope she likes it this time.

I find re-writes like this very draining. I have to work the new content around the existing story and sometimes I have to lose parts I really liked because then don’t fit right anymore.

Oh well. Wish me luck and keep the coffee flowing.



Highly Productive

I sat down at my computer today with the purpose of editing 1 chapter and ended up editing 5. Rather unexpected.

Aside from a few formatting changes, a couple extra lines and some re-arrangements, I have had very little to change in the early chapters. Yay.

It’s a big confidence boost and it make me feel really positive about this edit. I know some big changes are needed at the end but I feel this book is heading in the right direction.


To swear or not to swear?

That is indeed my question.

While very minimal, my main character does say “shit” a few times. And in the begin I thought nothing of it but as my thoughts turn to publishing I am starting question its inclusion.

Given the length of Coffee, Cats and Murder I think it could be marketed to younger readers. Could a couple shits limit my marketability? Or am I overthinking it. I know parents are a lot more relaxed about swearing compared to when I was growing up, but is it safer just to change a couple words?



Chapter Titles

So as I am commencing my second edit one thing that I have been thinking about is chapter titles.

I have been debating with myself whether I should or need to start creating titles for each chapter. Personally I don’t pay much attention to them when I am reading but I have noticed that many authors do use them.

So if you have an opinion on the topic please share.

writing (1)


It begins again

I have received all my edited copies back (except one that is travelling in Europe, but I can’t wait that long) and now it is time to begin my second edit.

I plan to try and keep the same pace as last time, editing at least 1 chapter each week. It is possible that I will work even faster though as I expect I will have less big re-writes.

Now to prepare my work space and get started. Better start brewing some coffee.


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