Editing Blues

This second round of editing has been a very different experience from the first. The first round of editing had lots of points to fix and a large amount of content that needed expanding.

This time around I have been blitzing through chapters because only small tweaks have been required. It’s a good feeling to know that all that time spent during the first edit has resulted in a better story.

But now with only 10 pages left to go I have hit the section that will require the biggest re-write. One of my editors did not like this section last time either. I did try to alter it to make it work, but alas, she still hates it.

Yes, hates it. She has very strong opinions when it comes to books and sometimes she makes me die a little inside. (I think it is revenge for having to put up with being friends with me all these years.)

So after much reflection we came up with a plan to change this part. I only hope she likes it this time.

I find re-writes like this very draining. I have to work the new content around the existing story and sometimes I have to lose parts I really liked because then don’t fit right anymore.

Oh well. Wish me luck and keep the coffee flowing.




2 thoughts on “Editing Blues

  1. As hard as it is to cut what you love, it’s really all about the finished product. You can always keep those extra bits and do something with them later, be it a short story or working them into a different book, or just posting them here. They don’t have to be gone for good–just gone from a book where they’re not working. Good luck with you re-writing! I’m sure it’ll be better for it, no matter how difficult.

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