Time Spent Wisely

I have decided to use my writing down time to start researching and building timelines for my next writing project.

This story idea has been rattling around in my head since halfway through last year. I have been working on it here and there but nothing too serious and while I will not get too far involved until after I am done with Coffee, Cats and Murder I just can’t seem to stop myself from thinking about it.

Unlike Coffee, Cats and Murder this new story will span almost 200 years of history and will mostly be set in the real world. (Sometimes fantasy worlds are so much easier, you can make up any history you want.)

All this researching kind of reminds me of being in high school again.


Highlighted Section of Book


Third Draft Complete

It is done!! And it only took about 2 months to complete this time. Most of the changes this time were very minor. I had to add some extra detail here and there and rework the ending a bit.

To compare:

Second Draft- 24,118 words, 19 chapters, 56 pages

Third Draft- 26,500 words, 20 chapters, 61 pages

My hope is that Coffee, Cats and Murder is almost ready for the next stage. Attempting to publish. I feel that I have spent a lot of time with these characters and I am ready to send them out into the world and turn my attention to the other stories that are gnawing at my brain.

Here’s hoping my editors feel the same way.




Light at the end

Last week I realised that I had become a bit lazy keeping up with my editing scheduled and so to make up for lost time I have been staying up late when I can. It has not been the most productive of writing sessions. I spend way too much time checking facebook but I just noticed that I only have 2 pages left to go.


I’m hopeful that I can get it finished tonight.




When I am writing or editing I like to give myself smaller deadlines to work towards. It helps me to keep on task and makes sure I am always making progress. Sometimes life does get in the way and i fail.

But the problem I am finding during these long holidays is that I can’t keep track of what day it is. I know I have been working through my editing, but I couldn’t say if that was a few days ago or last week.

I have a feeling that I have not been meeting all my weekly deadlines but as I have forgotten what day it is I can’t say for certain.



Moving On

I have been struggling through this rewrite for about a week and it’s painful. I have written, deleted and written again but I am still not 100% happy with it.

I’ve been staring at it for about an hour, thinking how to change or improve it, or whether to delete it and start over again, but I think I just need to push on.

I might come back to it later, before I send it for edit again, but maybe wait to get some feedback on it. I feel that if I keep staring at it I will send myself crazy.

I’m sure my subconscious will keep thinking it over in the background and let me know when it has fixed the problem. Probably late at night, just as I’m about to fall asleep.




Expanding Rewrite

So I am in the process of rewriting a major section towards the end of Coffee, Cats and Murder and so far I have removed 100 words but replaced them with over 600 words.

My worry is that I am losing focus in the scene and blathering on unnecessarily. Though I suppose my editors will berate me later if that is the case.

For now I will push on, pausing only to deal with some minor flooding in my house. Got to love this crazy weather.


Takeshi Mizukoshi Wildlife Beauty Collection. River, Malaysia.

Kinds of Writing

I find when I am writing one of three things tend to happen.

First, and best, is a productive session where I write lots and make good progress in the plot.

Second is that I stare at the screen for hours but type nothing. This happens more often then I would like.

Third, and worst of the set, is when I write for hours and then on reflection decide everything I have written is rubbish and delete it all. That is the kind of day I am having.