In Search of a Muse

I don’t know why exactly, but this time around with the edit I am having trouble getting motivated.

I have not been able to settle into a routine and I find that a week has passed and I haven’t even thought about editing. I just don’t seem to have the same drive as last time. I suppose some of it comes from all the stuff that is going on in life right now.

I need a super charged muse to give me boost and get me through this.

In other news I got a new coffee machine. Still trying to get the hang of frothing milk, but the coffee taste so good.



How did we all miss that?

Although progress for this edit being going rather slowly (due to some crazy stuff happening beyond my control) I have been trying to spend some time each week staring at the screen.

Today has been one such day and I stumbled across an inconsistency that all my editors overlooked. At first I thought I must have been mistaken, otherwise at least one of my editors would have picked up on it. So I double checked and yes I had mixed up two locations. Oops.

Just goes to show that even with 3 people checking over your work, some things may still slip through.

And now back to the grind.