That Feeling When…

That feeling when you realise it is Thursday and you haven’t done any writing this week and you know you don’t have the motivation right now to remedy the situation.

That’s how I feel right now. I think I should invent a word to describe this feeling.

Maybe “Uhhggehh”

I like the sound of that, it has a nice ring to it.

She sat staring at the computer and was overcome with a deep sense of uhhggehh.

“Stuff this,” she sighed bitterly as she opened YouTube on a new tab”



Just a Tweak

I have decided to alter the name of my current story, just a little. Instead of Coffee, Cats and Murder it will be Coffee, Cats, and An Act of Murder.

The reason is to open the stories and characters to sequels. I don’t have any current plans to do so, but I think it wise to have the possibility available.


Meet and Greet

On the weekend I had the opportunity to meet and talk to some some independent authors who have gone down the self-publishing track. It was an invaluable experience.

The idea of going through with publishing my story has fill me with no small amount of dread. Thoughts like: “It’s not good enough” and “No one wants to pay money for trash like that” have gone through my head more than once. So it was a relief to hear others had the exact same thoughts as me. I’ve seen pictures and comics that suggested as such but actually hearing it from them, just made it more real.

I also got some great suggestions on some places to self-publish my work and they shared their experiences on attending conventions and events to sell their books.

Overall I am so grateful that they openly shared their knowledge and experience with me. I feel more confident about taking this next step now.

Leadership with education

Ready to Resume

Sorry to have been quiet for so long. I’ve been on a semi holiday from work and trying to play as many games on my Steam list as I can.

After my last edit I ended up with different endings. I couldn’t decide which I liked more so I put the decision to my editors. With a vote of 2 to 1 the new alternate ending has won out. So now I just want to read over it again to make sure everything still flows right. I original wrote it really late at night so there might be some silly bloopers.

Then I will be one step closer to the daunting task of publishing.