New Challenges

I recently ordered a batch of paperback editions of Coffee, Cats and An Act of Murder and while waiting for them to arrive I have been thinking again about my author’s signature. I’ve been scribbling on paper for a while now and I have to say it is proving harder than I thought.

It is most likely that I am overthinking it but nothing seems quite right.

If anyone has some tips or advice I would greatly welcome it.




A little bit of writing

Between work and study I have had little energy for writing lately. I am planning/writing what should be my next major story, the first book of the series is currently name The House of Broken. The plan for today is to edit the next episode of Cats and Cauldrons though I think I require more coffee before I start.

Also I have written a new short story as part of the writing challenge I run with my students so once I have given it a quick edit I will post it up.

For now I shall make a coffee in the biggest mug I have and settle in to edit Cats and Cauldron: What is Written. And if that goes well I may write some more on The House of Broken, but more likely I will play some Tomb Raider.