A Much Better Start

After staring at my screen last night and writing nothing I decided to give up and go to sleep instead.

Wonderfully it seems that my brain kept thinking about it overnight and now the words are flowing easily.

Sometimes taking a break can be the most productive path forward.





I was all ready to sit down and start writing. Hot drink ready, cat taking a nap out of the way; everything was perfect until I actually had to start typing.

I just keep staring at the screen and I think I’m just going to give up for the night.



An Inner Debate

Today I am debating with myself about chapter titles.

While I was writing Coffee, Cats, and An Act of Murder I considered adding chapter titles but it just didn’t work out. Every time I tried I couldn’t think of titles that I liked or could only think up a few good ones and the rest sucked.

Now I am writing House of Broken and so I decided to revisit the idea. I have actually named the first 4 chapters, just nice simple names. But now I am reconsidering.

While I like the focus having chapter titles gives me while writing I worry that they are too constrictive. At times I want to write about other little things going on around my characters. These events are not big enough for their own chapter but do they belong as part of the named chapter when it has nothing to do with the name?

My second concern is spoilers. Even though my titles are simple, could they actually give away clues of what will happen in the future. I feel it has already happened with one title already. And will I get stuck agonizing over a title instead of actually writing?

Or is this just me overthinking everything?

For now I think I will persevere with the titles but they may get dropped further down the line. If you have an opinion on the subject let me know; I would love to hear your thoughts.



On Fire

The last few days have been massively productive. I have been writing every day and I feel I’m in a very good head space. Yay!

I’ve been trying to focus on just getting the words out. Even if they are not quite right, just get something down and I can fix it later. And so far it is really working.

I know there will be a lot to improve and extra content I will have to write later, but that’s what edits are for.

Planning to ride this wave as long as possible.



Writing: now with wine!

Forget the coffee, today’s writing adventure is brought to you by wine!!

This will probably be a really bad idea, I don’t tend to drink much nowadays and it usually hits me pretty fast.

I’m about to start Chapter 3 of The House of Broken and I’m feeling pretty happy about how everything is going so far. The only part I am questioning currently is the language choice for my main characters. At this point they are young children and I feel that should be reflected in their speech and then evolve as the characters age.

But I think that with be a problem for future me when I sit down to edit. For now, MORE WINE!