Finding a Playlist

While writing Coffee, Cats and an Act of Murder I listened to a lot of Lindsey Stirling but that playlist just did quite fit the mood for The House of Broken so I have been hunting around on Spotify and found some promising candidates.

If you are curious what I listen to while writing here is the first playlist I am trialing.





A Return to Writing

It has been forever since I have been able to sit down and really focus on writing, and that is partially my fault. I am really bad at staying on task without a deadline and so it took a lot longer to finish my Cert3 and Cert4 than it should have. But I am finished at last and so here I am.

I actually finished two weeks ago but it has taken my brain this long to settle back into writing mode. I spent days just staring at the screen doing nothing but last night while driving home after the gym the words started coming. Yay.

My main focus right now is to edit the first part of The House of Broken. There are a lot of gaps I know I need to go back to and it with help to remind me of what has happened so far.

If all goes well you should be hearing from me a lot more regularly.