A Time and A Place

So starting a new job has taken up a lot more time both physically and emotionally. A lot of the free time I used to have is now gone and the time I do have free I mostly just want to chill out. It has not left me with much time or motivation to write.

I am trying to make sure I do at least some writing each week but to be honest I have achieved very little of late. And I don’t see it really improving for another couple months. Hopefully at that point my work things will shift around a bit and I’ll have more time to myself.

Until then I will keep trying to write little by little. Currently working through the first part of The House of Broken.

My strategy when I was writing this time was to keep writing even when I was blocked at points. Just write whatever I could and get the basic idea of what I wanted to write down. Now I am reading through and re-writing large sections adding some of the extras I have missed (I expect even more extras to come in later edits too).

This writing method seems to be working better for me than staring at the screen trying to get one word right and in the process forgetting the rest of the sentences I wanted to write.



Building Habits All Over Again

For me, writing only works if it is an established daily habit. If I were to wait for that creative spark to hit I would go a month easy and not write a single thing. And worse still I wouldn’t even notice. I can get so caught up in everything else that writing just gets pushed to the side.

I thought when I finished my studies I would have all this time to spend on my writing but I neglected to consider how much of my time and energy I would have to put into setting up my new business. I didn’t write a single word last week.

I need to work on building a better daily habit, even if I only get a paragraph done. Something is better than nothing.