Been A While

It’s been quite a while since I sat down to do any writing, or even wrote something on this blog. Lately I’ve been focused on my studies and trying to get my Cert IV in Fitness completed, so I put all my creative outlets to the side.

But now that I’m on holidays I’ve been taking a bit of a break and been reading some random books I borrowed from the library. And the itch to write is coming back strong.

I suppose it couldn’t hurt to put my studies to the side for a little bit longer. I’d better start making some coffee.




Time to Write

My first weekend home in almost a month!! And as much as I would like to just chill out on the lounge with my cat, I really want to start typing up the notes I have been scribbling the last few weeks.

So with coffee made and the cat sleeping in his bed and not on my keyboard I am ready to write. In reality I will write a sentence and then distract myself on facebook.



You Gotta Do What you Gotta Do

I may have just exceeded my usual daily coffee intake.

I love my coffee, especially when I am writing, and I very easily end up drinking way too much. So I impose a 1-2 coffee limit on myself. But today the writing gods are demanding more of me and I am up to 4 coffees already. Hopefully I can finish this edit before my brain melts.

3 chapters to go.

Progress Update

I have just finished editing chapter 17 and now all that is left is to complete the epilogue!! I am so close now to the end I can almost smell it… and it smells like too much coffee.

The last couples days I have been exceed my self-imposed limit of 2 coffees per day, but at least it is not as bad as my coffee intake when I finished the first draft.

Once the epilogue is done I will be doing a quick self-edit, checking for simple grammar, spelling and continuity mistakes and then it is off to my friends who are kind enough to edit it for me. This time I am planning to send it to a few more people to get a wider range of opinions.

After I completed the first draft I actually skipped over the self edit stage. I was excited to be finished, but was paranoid that if I read over it first I would doubt myself too much to let others read it. Even though my editors were close friends and family, I was still very nervous when I gave them a copy.

I am feeling a little more confident this time round, but I think I will still be on edge until I get their feedback.