Finding the Words

I have spent the last hour trying to find the right job title to suit a group of staff in my story. They would be a mix between a matron in a boarding school, administrator and a caregiver, but I just can’t find a words that fits right.

I think I need to leave it for now and hopefully the right word will come to me in a dream.



A Time and A Place

So starting a new job has taken up a lot more time both physically and emotionally. A lot of the free time I used to have is now gone and the time I do have free I mostly just want to chill out. It has not left me with much time or motivation to write.

I am trying to make sure I do at least some writing each week but to be honest I have achieved very little of late. And I don’t see it really improving for another couple months. Hopefully at that point my work things will shift around a bit and I’ll have more time to myself.

Until then I will keep trying to write little by little. Currently working through the first part of The House of Broken.

My strategy when I was writing this time was to keep writing even when I was blocked at points. Just write whatever I could and get the basic idea of what I wanted to write down. Now I am reading through and re-writing large sections adding some of the extras I have missed (I expect even more extras to come in later edits too).

This writing method seems to be working better for me than staring at the screen trying to get one word right and in the process forgetting the rest of the sentences I wanted to write.


Building Habits All Over Again

For me, writing only works if it is an established daily habit. If I were to wait for that creative spark to hit I would go a month easy and not write a single thing. And worse still I wouldn’t even notice. I can get so caught up in everything else that writing just gets pushed to the side.

I thought when I finished my studies I would have all this time to spend on my writing but I neglected to consider how much of my time and energy I would have to put into setting up my new business. I didn’t write a single word last week.

I need to work on building a better daily habit, even if I only get a paragraph done. Something is better than nothing.



A Return to Writing

It has been forever since I have been able to sit down and really focus on writing, and that is partially my fault. I am really bad at staying on task without a deadline and so it took a lot longer to finish my Cert3 and Cert4 than it should have. But I am finished at last and so here I am.

I actually finished two weeks ago but it has taken my brain this long to settle back into writing mode. I spent days just staring at the screen doing nothing but last night while driving home after the gym the words started coming. Yay.

My main focus right now is to edit the first part of The House of Broken. There are a lot of gaps I know I need to go back to and it with help to remind me of what has happened so far.

If all goes well you should be hearing from me a lot more regularly.


A little bit of writing

Between work and study I have had little energy for writing lately. I am planning/writing what should be my next major story, the first book of the series is currently name The House of Broken. The plan for today is to edit the next episode of Cats and Cauldrons though I think I require more coffee before I start.

Also I have written a new short story as part of the writing challenge I run with my students so once I have given it a quick edit I will post it up.

For now I shall make a coffee in the biggest mug I have and settle in to edit Cats and Cauldron: What is Written. And if that goes well I may write some more on The House of Broken, but more likely I will play some Tomb Raider.


So what have you been doing?

So I have been on holidays for the last few weeks and still have another week until I start back at work. You would think in that time that I would have been hugely productive and made some progress towards publishing Coffee, Cats and An Act of Murder, but no.

I have been writing though. I have been polishing 2 short stories that I am going to enter into a competition, which is pretty exciting. This is my first time entering a writing comp.

I have also been working on and just completed another short tale in the Cats and Cauldrons series. Yay!

Overall, I have been productive and writing but maybe not so focused on some of the writing I should be doing. I still have a week of holidays left; maybe I can make a sudden publishing break through.



Am I done?

So, I think I might have finished editing and that this could be the final edit. And to be honest, that kind of scares me. If I have finished editing it means it is time to publish, to organise cover art, book launches, getting the copies sold. When I think about the process as a whole I have a mini panic attack.

The reason why I’m still not sure if I have finished yet is that I am considering whether I will have it professionally edited or not.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to talk to some self-published authors and I am trying to weigh up all the information and experience they gave me.

Wish me luck and hopefully I will make up my mind soon (or procrastinate forever).



You Gotta Do What you Gotta Do

I may have just exceeded my usual daily coffee intake.

I love my coffee, especially when I am writing, and I very easily end up drinking way too much. So I impose a 1-2 coffee limit on myself. But today the writing gods are demanding more of me and I am up to 4 coffees already. Hopefully I can finish this edit before my brain melts.

3 chapters to go.

Just a Tweak

I have decided to alter the name of my current story, just a little. Instead of Coffee, Cats and Murder it will be Coffee, Cats, and An Act of Murder.

The reason is to open the stories and characters to sequels. I don’t have any current plans to do so, but I think it wise to have the possibility available.