Happy Easter

However you choose to celebrate I hope you all enjoyed some extra time off work (or the extra penalty rates).

I took advantage of the public holiday to catch up and play board games with some friends and though I did not eat even one chocolate egg there was a lot of pizza.

As for my writing I am still caught up in my studies but the end is near in sight and I’m starting the feel that familiar itch in my brain. Hopefully before too long I will be able to sit and do some editing for the House of Broken.



Bad Timing

Why does this always happen to me? I will be trying to write all day, managing to pen only bits and pieces. But now that it is late at night and I want to go to sleep the words keep coming. I would just give up and go to bed anyway but I would only lie awake thinking of what to write.

My only hope is that my body will let me sleep in tomorrow, but I doubt it.




I recently re-arranged some of my furniture, a secret love of mine. As a result my cat’s favourite perch to sit while I work on the computer is too far from me. He was not happy with that.

He decided that my lap was a good substitute, but this made it hard for me to type.

To solve this problem I have made a little bed for him on my desk, and he seems to be quite happy with it. On the weekend I will have to buy him a proper little bed.

Now that this problem is resolved I can get back to writing. Thinking I may do another little writing challenge.


Getting older, Maybe wiser?

Yesterday was my birthday and I have turned the dreaded 30. Most people I talk to lament these kinds of milestones I don’t feel fazed by this.

It helps that people have told me I don’t look 30, but it is also because I don’t feel any different from when I was 29, or 28. The main thing that has changed is my range of experiences and they just give me more to write about.

I wonder if I will still feel the same when I turn 40.



It begins again

I have received all my edited copies back (except one that is travelling in Europe, but I can’t wait that long) and now it is time to begin my second edit.

I plan to try and keep the same pace as last time, editing at least 1 chapter each week. It is possible that I will work even faster though as I expect I will have less big re-writes.

Now to prepare my work space and get started. Better start brewing some coffee.


edit 2

Rest Time

Sometimes a break is necessary to maintain your creativity and your sanity.

I spent today relaxing under a Jacaranda Tree with friends, drinking tea and wearing a Yukata. Soon my editors will be finished and I will have to resume the crazy world that is creative writing.

But today is not that day.


When I write.

I can’t stand to write in silence. Peace and quiet are really not conducive to my creative process. Even when I was at University I could not study in silence and so I have to create noise. Sometimes I will put on a TV series that I have seen many times before, but I can end up getting distracted by that too.

So my favourite thing is to play music and my favourite person to queue up is Lindsey Stirling. I find her music very uplifting and the lack of lyrics means I don’t have other words playing in head while I try to write my own.

Though my rhythm gets a bit messed up by those awful YouTube ads.