A new short story and more

It took a little bit longer that I had planned but I finished writing the short horror story featuring my dog Izzy. It is based around some of my dog’s odd behaviour.

You can read it for free here: Fair Warning

I feel that I could work more on this story later and maybe add some more background to it. But it took longer to write then I had planned so I need to get back to editing my latest Cats and Cauldrons story.


I have also been making notes for a new 3 part novel I hope to start in the next few months.

And stay tuned for some big new about Coffee, Cats and An Act of Murder coming in the next few days.

Wow I have been busy, probably need to take a nap.



Bad Timing

Why does this always happen to me? I will be trying to write all day, managing to pen only bits and pieces. But now that it is late at night and I want to go to sleep the words keep coming. I would just give up and go to bed anyway but I would only lie awake thinking of what to write.

My only hope is that my body will let me sleep in tomorrow, but I doubt it.



In the meantime

I finished writing an episode of Cats and Cauldrons a few days back, but I am leaving it to the side for a while before I go over and edit it. So in the meantime I am having a little fun writing a short story about my dog’s strange habit of growling at everything.

Keep an eye out, hopefully I’ll post it in a few days.