Where the Blue Flowers Grow

My writing challenge is complete! It may have taken a week to decide exactly what to write about but only a few days to complete. I have enjoyed the challenge and result. I look forward to trying another one soon.

For now I share and hope you enjoy.

Where the Blue Flowers Grow



A challenging challenge.

So I have been working on this writing challenge for most of the day, and it is going pretty well. I think I may have to do these more often. Because it is short I can achieve completion fast and since it is only a writing exercise I don’t feel as much pressure to chose the perfect words. I don’t agonize over every sentence and get frustrated and delete an hours worth of effort because it is not working.

One aspect I am struggling with is the point of view. I feel most comfortable writing in the 3rd person. But for reasons I’m not even sure about myself I seem to be writing in 1st person. So out of habit I just keep using the wrong pronouns. I will have to give this a serious proof-read before I let my students read it. Otherwise they are going to question my ability to teach them anymore.


A Writing Challenge

Over the holiday break I challenged a few of the students I tutor to do some creative writing. The rules are simple:

-Everyone uses the same title for their story

-Any genre is allowed

-It has to be 2 pages, no more, no less

The fun is seeing how different people approach the same stimulus. The last time I did this one of the stories was about cannibalism. So needless to say I am excited to see what I get this time. In addition they demanded that I had to participate this time as well. And since I managed to complete my editing on Coffee, Cats and Murder I will give it a go.

The title is: Where the Blue Flowers Grow