On this rainy Sunday

I do love a rainy day, the cool air, the earthy smell, and no temptation to spend all day out in the sun. And as I am happily stuck inside I thought I should put the time to good use. I’ve been making notes for a new story and I think now is a good time to start.

Though I usually prefer coffee, today is a tea drinking kind of day and my current tea of choice is Peppermint. Wish me luck.



A new short story and more

It took a little bit longer that I had planned but I finished writing the short horror story featuring my dog Izzy. It is based around some of my dog’s odd behaviour.

You can read it for free here: Fair Warning

I feel that I could work more on this story later and maybe add some more background to it. But it took longer to write then I had planned so I need to get back to editing my latest Cats and Cauldrons story.


I have also been making notes for a new 3 part novel I hope to start in the next few months.

And stay tuned for some big new about Coffee, Cats and An Act of Murder coming in the next few days.

Wow I have been busy, probably need to take a nap.


Blurbs are hard

I think writing this blurb is the hardest thing I have done so far. Trying to write a small description that sums up the content and tone of the story while not giving too much away.

Everything I write just seems so bland to me. Has anyone else had this struggle?


Bad Timing

Why does this always happen to me? I will be trying to write all day, managing to pen only bits and pieces. But now that it is late at night and I want to go to sleep the words keep coming. I would just give up and go to bed anyway but I would only lie awake thinking of what to write.

My only hope is that my body will let me sleep in tomorrow, but I doubt it.



In the meantime

I finished writing an episode of Cats and Cauldrons a few days back, but I am leaving it to the side for a while before I go over and edit it. So in the meantime I am having a little fun writing a short story about my dog’s strange habit of growling at everything.

Keep an eye out, hopefully I’ll post it in a few days.



So what have you been doing?

So I have been on holidays for the last few weeks and still have another week until I start back at work. You would think in that time that I would have been hugely productive and made some progress towards publishing Coffee, Cats and An Act of Murder, but no.

I have been writing though. I have been polishing 2 short stories that I am going to enter into a competition, which is pretty exciting. This is my first time entering a writing comp.

I have also been working on and just completed another short tale in the Cats and Cauldrons series. Yay!

Overall, I have been productive and writing but maybe not so focused on some of the writing I should be doing. I still have a week of holidays left; maybe I can make a sudden publishing break through.



Am I done?

So, I think I might have finished editing and that this could be the final edit. And to be honest, that kind of scares me. If I have finished editing it means it is time to publish, to organise cover art, book launches, getting the copies sold. When I think about the process as a whole I have a mini panic attack.

The reason why I’m still not sure if I have finished yet is that I am considering whether I will have it professionally edited or not.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to talk to some self-published authors and I am trying to weigh up all the information and experience they gave me.

Wish me luck and hopefully I will make up my mind soon (or procrastinate forever).



You Gotta Do What you Gotta Do

I may have just exceeded my usual daily coffee intake.

I love my coffee, especially when I am writing, and I very easily end up drinking way too much. So I impose a 1-2 coffee limit on myself. But today the writing gods are demanding more of me and I am up to 4 coffees already. Hopefully I can finish this edit before my brain melts.

3 chapters to go.

That Feeling When…

That feeling when you realise it is Thursday and you haven’t done any writing this week and you know you don’t have the motivation right now to remedy the situation.

That’s how I feel right now. I think I should invent a word to describe this feeling.

Maybe “Uhhggehh”

I like the sound of that, it has a nice ring to it.

She sat staring at the computer and was overcome with a deep sense of uhhggehh.

“Stuff this,” she sighed bitterly as she opened YouTube on a new tab”